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The Hcg diet andmetabolic (Simeons) protocol is sweeping the nation because it works! Featured recently on the Dr. Oz show as well as other news programs, this rapid form of weight loss is becoming incredibly popular.




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The Hcg Diet and Metabolic Protocol

By Cheryl A. Crumpler, Ph.D

So what is the Hcg diet and why does it work?

First, the Hcg diet is not a new or typical “diet” at all. It is a medical protocol that became quite popular in Europe in the middle of the 20th century, and was used frequently by celebrities and diplomats. The original protocol was established and published by Dr. Simeons in his landmark 1954 paper called “Pounds and Inches.” In his paper, Dr. Simeons explained his research into the nature of obesity and his technique. The Hcg protocol was meant to be a solution for obesity and metabolic syndromes as well as a program for rapid weight loss.

The Hcg protocol consists of taking the hormone Hcg, a natural hormone produced in a woman’s body during pregnancy. True Hcg can only be obtained with a physician’s prescription. The “versions” of Hcg being sold over the Internet, in drugstores, or by non-licensed physicians are not high enough in Hcg to establish the levels required by Dr. Simeon’s protocol. Over the counter forms contain only minute traces of the hormone, and are not enough to establish a dosage high enough in the body to be successful. While you may well lose weight with these drugstore versions, as anyone would on a low calorie diet, you may or may not find the weight returning once you finish the protocol.

The prescription Hcg is taken either via injections once a day, or sublingually (under the tongue) twice a day. After two loading days, where a high fat diet is consumed, the individual changes to a carefully prescribed 500 calorie a day diet that consists of protein, vegetables, some fruit and small amounts of starch. Because the Hcg has built up in the system, and the fat stores are amply supplied during the loading days, the body easily shifts into a fat burning mode. So, while only 500 calories are consumed through the mouth, the body burns the additional calories necessary for functioning from the abnormal fat stores. Very few feelings of hunger are experienced as the body feels satisfied from gorging on its own fat. These fat stores for most of us are found in the belly and around the hips and thighs. This is the reason that Dr. Simeons called his manuscript “Pounds and Inches;” because while pounds are most definitely lost, individuals will see a substantial drop in inches from these areas as well.

The Hcg is taken for a minimum of 23 days and a maximum of 40 days. Most people will find that they lose 8 – 10 % of their body weight. Or, women tend to lose on average half a pound each day, and men closer to one pound each day. Individuals needing to lose 15 pounds or less must still stay on the protocol for at least 23 days, even if the goal weight is reached before this time. This is because if the protocol is cut short, the hypothalamus will not receive the rest it needs and the cause of the obesity will not be resolved.

Following the Hcg days, the individual is required to spend 21 days in “maintenance” neither gaining nor losing weight. This is done by monitoring caloric intake and abstaining from any sugar or starch. It is during this time that the hypothalamus of the brain is “reset” and the new weight is established as “normal”. It is helpful during this time to work with an educator to find the right foods and caloric intake for your body. Once this ideal if found, maintenance is quite easy. Following these 21 days of maintenance, the body will believe that this new “maintained” weight is the correct weight, and the cravings and urges to eat more than is necessary will be a thing of the past. Individuals can complete subsequent rounds after a break in time that varies and will be determined by your physician.

The Hcg diet and metabolic protocol is a wonderful way to lose weight and reset your metabolism when done correctly. It should not be confused as just another diet. Many “diets” will help you lose weight, but if you are interested in changing your metabolism, this may be an excellent choice for you. According to Sr. Simeon’s research about 70% of people that successfully complete this protocol will keep the weight off permanently!

Program includes: Consultations with both Dr. Messina and Dr. Crumpler. Medical history and physical exam. Weekly weigh-ins.


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