Infinity Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation Center

especially designed for:

* anti-aging
* skin
* skin tightening
* reducing acne
* reversing sun-
• minimizing
..rosacea & small
* hair removal

Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion

Chemical Rejuvenators

Physician-strength Chemical Peels




IPL / Laser Treatments

Photofacial, IPL

Reduce the look of dark spots and rosacea with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacials. The Lumenis M22 with its multiple world-class technologies is the most technologically advanced platform ever developed for antiaging aesthetics.

Intense Pulsed Light, also known as photofacial, is precision light that minimizes skin discolorations associated with accumulated sun damage and age spots on the face and/or chest. Photofacials also help reduce the look of vascular problems, such as rosacea and noticeable small facial veins, while leaving the surface of the skin unharmed. Photofacials use intense pulsed light to target the pigment and redness in the lesion. This helps reduce unwanted discoloration and flushing better and faster. The appearance of hyperpigmentation and redness are dramatically reduced with photofacial treatments. Multiple treatments are usually recommended.


Lumenis YAG

This add on to the Lumines M22 is specifically designed for the treatment of leg veins and vascular lesions, skin toning of pigmented lesions and other combination treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light, is precision light that removes unwanted hair and can be effective in permanently reducing unwanted hair. Multiple treatments are typically required for optimal results due to hair-growth dormancy and laser-absorption rates.









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